Even Divas wonder ‘What to wear’

What should I wear? Do you ask yourself this question Every? Single. Day!!?  Or are you that person that just pulls on the first faithful tee shirt your hand touches and pairs it with some reliable jeans?  Maybe you are the pre-planner? You know her – she picks out her entire wardrobe for the week – and probably even irons it. I admit to a bit of jealousy pointed in that direction, and maybe a little hate. How does she make that choice and stick with it ALL WEEK!? 

Me? Every.  Single.  Morning.  I ask myself – I say “Susan – what are you going to wear today?  “What’s the weather like?”  “Will this be comfortable – all day?”  “Um, do these pants feel tight?”  “Girls night after work....hmmm is this the right look?” “How about this top? – Nope – I think I saw Monica wearing this on a Friends rerun last week.”  All these questions – but most importantly, I don't actually answer myself. Bonus.  Hey, I may be a Diva but I’m not completely loco – not completely.   

Enough questions, I know.  I’ll be honest here I am not sure what great advice I can give you to make this daily head dialogue run a little smoother and make the choices a little easier. I’m fortunate, however, in that I do find that everything in my closet is comfortable.  I also like pieces that function well together.  There are some solid basics I own that I can dress up or dress down – drinks after work?  A little pop-of-color is another of my “must-haves.”  For instance, I have 3 pair of maroon pants.  I know, maroon really?  But I love the color and they are rather fun and quite versatile.  Great for a day at the office, hot date, or meeting up with friends for a drink after work – hmmm, I’m seeing a pattern here.  Anyway, don’t rule out maroon.  Give those trusty jeans a little break - expand your choices. Find some wardrobe fun – by the way, I know this little boutique...

Okay, I made a left turn at the maroon topic.  My apologies.  So let me move on.   This is where I need to listen to my own advice - clean out that closet!  Yes, it is time to donate the Monica Geller shirt and anything else you haven't worn – in like forever.  You know those pieces all too well.  The pants that were 2 sizes ago (I'm guilty) or the shirt from 8th grade and so on. (I’m keeping my Pep Club hoodie though – probably be buried in it!).  In your heart of hearts, you know you aren't going to wear them again.  And when you do lose that 10+ pounds, just go get new jeans – you deserve it, sister!  You worked hard you should pamper yourself a bit.  Again, I know of this little boutique...

So, recapping my sage advice; pick up some basic items that multitask and can pair well with what you already have.  Combine those new pieces with your basics to work for a multitude of occasions.  Then seriously get your donation thing on and lose that old stuff that wilts lonely on the hanger.   

Chat with you soon!


The Diva

Thanks to my special Petunia - Danna your input is priceless.

P.S.  Comment and let me know how it went.