Meet the Diva

The Diva part of me started as a bit of a joke and well, now it is permanently attached. Like most of you may or may not admit, as a teenager, I sang for hours into my hairbrush. Stevie Nicks, Pat Benetar, Cyndi Lauper if it was a girl singing I was singing along.

Years later, done raising my babies and finding time on my hands and meeting an amazing man who was a musician I secretly took voice lessons. I didn’t really know if I could truly carry a tune but guess what? I can! So I surprised Mr. Jones (now my hubby) and sang him a song. Honestly, it was kind of bad. Nervous to sing in front of friends and family I was a hot sweaty mess! But, that Mr. Jones liked what he heard. So he would introduce me as the world traveling Diva at his gigs and I would sing a song or two. Mind you I still was a hot sweaty mess - the nerves are finally settling a little these days.

Today we are Mr. Jones and the Diva playing locally at private parties, wineries, breweries and pretty much anywhere they will let us. To play you have to dress the part right? Welcome to the birth of The Hello Diva Shoppe. I need new clothes you need new clothes. It really is a match made in heaven.

So enjoy your shopping in this little boutique. We are always ordering new items and hope to keep growing the shoppe. Giving you some new and dazzling choices of what to wear for work, home, play or whatever you may need.

Thanks so much for coming to the Hello Diva Shoppe we are pleased you came to visit today!

The Diva